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ERP.Plus Module

Enhance your existing ERP software by installing ERP plus module. This add-on module contains more than 140 features to help your business run smoothly like never before. Enjoy multi-invoice printing & Emailing, sales and collection statements, auto print stamp & signature, 10+ types of reports, and security services, all at once by simply adding up the ERP plus module.

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ERP.Plus is an addons for tally which will enhance existing Tally software by adding more than 140 + features which are required by most of the business organizations.

This addons for tally contains features related to Controls & Securities, Banking, Invoicing, MIS and many other features which will help a customer to use the software more extensively.

The ERP.Plus Features Screen

On selection the option ERP.Plus Features, a new features screen will appear.

The ERP.Plus Menu

This addons for tally contains one menu for all related features.


General Features 

Advanced Contact Management – This feature will allow the user to maintain the contact book for Debtors / Creditors by enabling the user to enter more details like multiple Contact persons with mobile and email for a particular party. This will also prepare an automatic columnar contact book containing all details entered in ledger master.

Fixed Assets Management- This Add-On allows the user to manage fixed assets with depreciation Calculation as per ROC Act.

Enable TDS Certificate Tracking Module- With this Add-on you can keep a track of pending TDS Certificate from the customer. In ledger voucher report you can view party wise status of TDS. You can enter form no. and date and reconcile the transaction from the report itself.

Outstanding Remarks – This Feature will help you mark these comments against outstanding bills to help to better manage receivables and improve cash flow. Since these comments are recorded in Tally others too can perform the required action in your absence.

Party Ledger Reconciliation – This module allows a user to reconcile the party ledgers. This module functions just like Tally’s bank reconciliation module.

Pre-Defined Narrations – This feature allows us to create masters of the narrations which are commonly required. During voucher entry, this feature will help to select the narration from the pop up list or by pressing some keyword defined during master creation.

Recycle Bin – This tool is just like windows Recycle Bin. This tool will help you to restore the vouchers to the accounts books which are deleted by the user.

Assisted Manual Voucher Numbering – This feature works just like automatic voucher numbering, but, voucher number can be overwritten by the user during entry.

Auto Emailing – This feature allows the user to save Email Settings at company master level. This will help the user to avoid feeding of configuration during sending emails.

Email After Saving voucher – This feature allows the user to email invoices and orders after saving transactions.

Auto Emailing for Selected Ledger Reports – This feature allows the user to select the Debtors/Creditors account and automatically email Account/Outstanding statements.

Auto Adjust Bills On FIFO during Payment/Receipt –   This Add-on automates adjustment of payment or Receipts against bills on First in, First Out Basis (FIFO).

Auto PDF export After Saving –  This Add-on automatically generates a PDF file on saving a transaction/voucher. Additional information is captured in the PDF is date/time of creation. Where a transaction is altered the date/time of alteration is also captured.

Report Setting Saving – This add-on helps user to save configuration settings for any report while viewing them. When the report is opened next time, Tally will automatically select prevoiously  saved configuration setting.

Enhanced  Fields width for better visibility –  This add-on enhanced/expands the width of fields for better visibility.

View Reports during Voucher Entry – This add-on allows the user to view reports while doing  voucher entry . You can view any accounting reports , inventory reports, accounting ledger accounts, item ledger accounts.

Show Cash/ Bank Balance in Day Book – This feature shows daily cash and bank balances at the bottom of day book.

Show Cost Centre Details in Trial Balance – This feature shows cost centre details in trial balance report generated in default tally software.

Multi Line Description for Stock Items – This feature is used to enter multiple lines description in Stock Item master. This is useful when the user has multiple lines of description to be entered in every voucher.

Hide Zero Balance Batches – This feature prevents zero balance batches to appear in Batch List during Voucher Entry.

Always Show Inventory Details in Party Ledgers – This feature displays inventory information along with voucher details in party ledger.

Always Show Running Balance in Ledger Accounts – This feature gives a column to display running balance in ledger accounts.

Display Item’s Group and Category while selecting – While selecting a stock item, this add-on expands the information in the item selector and will display the group, Category and stock in hand. Extremely useful in retail environments to help sell alternative item or upsell.

Detailed Balance Sheet & Profit and Loss – The feature expands all groups and ledgers up to end levels for viewing detailed balance and profit and loss account in on screen.

Enable TDS Certificate Tracking Module –   There are various instances where your customer deducts TDS while releasing your payments towards the services you provide. Presently it is very difficult to keep a track of pending TDS Certificates from the customers .Now this Add-on gives the functionality to track TDS Certificates.

Allow Remarks for Party Ledgers –  This addon helps you to specify remarks on a party and instantly view them while billing or making payments to vendors. It is required by most of organizations to help their operators know about parties to whom they are interacting and act accordingly.

Enable Parallel Grouping – With the help of this add-on, you can classify  ledgers in multiple Groups for advanced reporting purposes. You can define your own unlimited categories on which you want to classify ledgers. For example, you want to view outstandings Executive wise, Area wise. In such cases, you can define Executive and Area as Group Categories.

Include Credit Note(s) in Sales Register – This feature will start showing credit notes in sales register.

Show std. price during voucher entry – This add-on provides a new column which displays standard selling price while doing transaction.

Enable Pre Overdue Bill Reminder – This Add-on helps user to send outstanding reminders for bills to be overdue on defined days in advance.

Security & Auditing

Track Voucher Alteration History – By enabling this module you can have a track with respect to creation as well as modification of vouchers made by the users. This module will also track the Username, Date & time of creation & alteration and modified contents will also be tracked with the help of this module. A user will be forced to enter the reason during alteration of voucher and the same will also be displayed in the report also.

Backup/Restore Security – This feature allows an administrator to restrict Backup/Restore by other users.

Voucher Approval Control – This feature allows an administrator to approve the entries done by users. The approved entries will only take the affect in books of accounts. The unapproved vouchers will not take affect. Also, an administrator can assign different types of vouchers to different approval authorities with specific approval limits. This module also supports voucher checking before voucher approval process.

Group Securities – This feature allows an administrator to hide / block the usage of defined Groups and Ledgers  for the users restricted by him.

Godown Security – This addons for tally e allows an administrator to hide / block the usage of defined Godowns for the users restricted by him.

Cost Centre Securities – This addons for tally allows an administrator to hide / block the usage of defined Cost Centres for the users restricted by him.

Voucher Type Securities – This feature allows an administrator to authorize specific voucher creation / alteration for specific users. Presently in default tally, a user can pass any type of voucher if allowed through Tally security controls. This tool also allows controlling of no of back days for specific types of voucher for specific users.

User-wise Transaction – This feature allows an administrator to authorize specific  voucher creation/alteration for specific user. Presently in default tally, a user can pass any type of voucher if allowed through tally security controls. This tool also allows controlling of no back days for specific type of voucher for specific users.

Purchase Security – This add-on lets the user to restrict information about purchase rate and values. Once the access restricted, a user will only be able to see quantities in reports and also restricts transaction entry related to purchase/material inward. This add-on is very useful to customers who don’t want to disclose the purchase costs to other people working on the same data.

Alerts & Controls 

Force Transactions on System Date – In default Tally, whenever a user creates voucher, the voucher date comes from the last date of entry. When this feature is enabled, the voucher date will be fetched from system date.

PDC control during Invoicing – This addons for tally is useful to control/Stop billing to a party in case you have not received Post Dated Cheque (PDC) within defined days in party master . For example, You have defined 10 days in party master and created an invoice on 1-4-2011. Tally will stop billing after 10 days, i.e.,11-04-2011 unless a post dated receipt voucher is being created.

Alert on Party Bills Overdue – This feature will alert if overdue bills are pending in account of party ledger during invoicing.

Stop invoicing on Party Bills Overdue – This feature will stop invoicing if overdue bills are pending in account of party ledger. The module will allow invoicing in case Post Dated Cheque receipt entry exists against an overdue bill.

Allow Restriction of Party’s Billing & Payments – This feature allows an administrator to restrict Billing & Payments separately for selected Party Ledgers.

Stop Invoicing  below defined Minimum Rate – This add-on restricts invoicing of a stock item below a specified minimum rate – you will not be able to bill a stock item below the rate predefined.

Control Quantities against Orders – This feature controls material receipt / material outward entries against order quantities, i.e., a user will not be allowed to accept more then order quantities.

Control Rates against orders – This feature will control rates during material receipt / outward, i.e. a user will not able to change the rate during entry. The rate will be automatically fetched from orders.

Stop Tax Invoice entries without TIN Number – This feature stops Tax Invoice entries in case Party’s TIN Number is not available.

Stop Invoicing without Address –   This add-on   gives   the  functionality  to stop the invoicing to party in case his address is not present at ledger master.

Stop Invoicing without Contact Details –   This   add-on  gives  the  functionality to stop the invoicing to party in case his contact details are not present at ledger master.

Stop Purchase/Sales transaction without Tax – This  add-on gives the  functionality to stop purchase/Sales transaction in  case a tax ledger is not selected  while entering voucher.  There are certain cases where a purchase or sales voucher is created by an operator  but tax ledgers are not selected.

Stop Entries without inventory – This feature controls the purchase and sales entries and stops saving vouchers without entering inventory details.

Stop Printing of Optional Voucher – This addons for tally gives functionality to restrict the print/Email/Upload commands for an optional voucher. 

Disable Delete Command (Alt + D) – This feature will disable delete (Alt + D) command.

Disable Cancel Command (Alt + X) – This feature will disable cancel (Alt + X) command.

Stop transaction on duplicate Bill Reference –  This add-on will stop transactions in case the same bill reference of purchase /expense from the same supplier/party is already present in the books of accounts. This add-on controls duplicate bill references for all vouchers like Journal,  Payment etc.

Disable Selection of On Account at the time of Bill Allocations – This feature stops the selection of On Account option during selection of Bill(s) during voucher entry. 

Stop cash Payment  above 20,000 – This addons for tally  provide functionality to stop cash payment
transactions above the amount of 20,000. This feature is useful to control larger cash payments which is not allowed as per income tax rules. 

Show Alerts on Negative Cash Entries – This features alerts on cash payment voucher creation if cash is not available. 

Stop Entries on Negative Cash – This addons for tally features controls cash payment voucher creation if cash is not available. This feature also allows to bypass the control by entering username and password if authorized by administrator. 

Show Alerts on Negative Stock – This features alerts on negative inventory outwards. 

Stop Entries on Negative Stock – This features controls inventory outward if stock is not available. This feature also allows bypassing the control by entering username and password if authorized by administrator.

Show Alerts If Ledger Amount Limits Exceeds – This addons for tally  shows an alert if amount exceeds Ledger Limit Amount in a single voucher.

Stop Entries If Ledger Amount Limits Exceeds – This addons for tally  shows stops entries if amount exceeds Ledger Limit Amount in a single voucher. The same control can be bypassed by a Username and Password if authorized by an administrator.

Alert Before credit Limit exceeds – This add-on displays alert messages while invoicing to a party before credit limit exceeds on a defined percentage. For example, credit limit to a party is Rs. 1,00,000 and defined alert percentage is 75 then alert messages will start appearing when party balance exceeds 75,000.

Vouchers and Invoicing 

Use Personalized Invoice – This module will help the user to customize the invoice on its own. The tool will help the user to change the caption of the fields like Dispatch Document No, Dispatched through etc. This tool will also allow a user to print a defined message on invoice.

Print Terms & Conditions on invoice – This addons for tally  allows a user to define and print Terms & Conditions for his invoices.

Always print Party Contact Details on Invoice – This feature will print the contact details entered in leddger master on invoice.

Stock Group Wise Item selection – This Add-on allows the user to select stock group before selecting stock item while doing voucher entry. 

Stock Groupwise Invoice Printing – This feature is used to print the Stock Items grouped by  their Stock Group Name when the invoice print is taken.

Tax Inclusive Rates on invoice – This features allows a user to enter Tax Inclusive Rates while creation invoice. The module will automatically do the reverse calculation based on the defined Tax rates on item master.

Party Stock Item Last Rates – This feature automatically pick ups the rate which will come from the last entry done for the same party and item.

Change Alternate Qty during Entry – Presently, a user can not change alternate quantity while billing a stock item. With the help of this add-on , you can change alternate quantity during entry . This add-on will provide two separate columns for quantity. 

Use Discount % Column as value on invoices – Presently Tally provides discount column which allow user to enter the discount in percentage (%). With this add-on, existing discount column will be converted into value based discount instead of (%). Similarly you can specific the discount value in price list.

Voucher Type wise Godown – This add-on gives the functionality to set the Godown at voucher Type master Level. Once the Godown Master is set at Master Level, a user need not to select thw Godown while passing sales/ Purchase transaction. Tally will automatically  pick the same from the master.

Party Billing Master – If different customers have different types of invoices raised on them (local Vat, CST or other user-created  invoices types), it is required to select the voucher type and voucher class each time. With the help of this add-on you can specify settings in the party master. Tally. ERP 9 will now automatically make the selection common errors will be greatly avoided.

Supplementary Details in Party Ledger – This feature allows a user to specify required despatch details in party ledger. During Invoicing, Tally will automatically fetch all details from party ledger and user has the facility to overwrite any field. 

Party Details in Cash Sales-  Presently in default Tally, when a user makes a cash sales invoice, a user don’t have provision to manage customer details while making cash sales. A new report Cash Sales Register is also provided with this add-on.

Despatch Details in Purchase – Presently in default tally. ERP 9 we can not enter dispatch details like Despatch Doc No., Despatch Through etc. while entering purchase voucher. With this add-on, you can record and print dispatch details in the purchase & Material inward entry.

Print Batch Details in  Column On Invoice – This add-on prints batch details in separate columns . The details include in Batch Name, Mfg Date and Expiry Date.

Multiple State Invoicing – This feature is useful for the organizations having multiple branches in different states. This feature allows a user to manage multiple bill books for multiple states with respective registered addresses and Sales Tax registration numbers. This module prevents creation of multiple companies in tally software by the user just for the invoicing purpose.

Allow Multiple Sites for Party Ledgers – This feature allows the user to define the multiple dispatch addresses for the parties having multiple locations. During invoicing, a user just has to select the name of the site from the pop up list. This module automatically fetches the respective address from the party master.

Use Voucher Salutations – On enabling this feature, a user can define voucher signatory masters for printing vouchers. For example, Checked By, Verified By, Approved By, etc.

Reference Field in all Vouchers – Presently, Tally Erp 9 allows you to enter voucher reference in few vouchers like sales, purchase etc., only in  the case of  vouchers like payment, Receipt, Contra etc., The voucher number is the only number available as a reference. In some cases it is needed to track add itional  cross- reference numbers in these documents as well. With this add-on you will be able to enter voucher reference in all these transactions and filter on these as.

Auto Purchase Order Generation – This add-on helps user to automatically to generate purchase orders to suppliers from the Reorder Report status itself. The user has the facility to select the stock items needs to be ordered from the report by pressing SPACEBAR. 

Show Marks & Num packages in Columns – Presently, while creating invoices, Marks & Num Packages fields are available as rows and occupy the screen space. This add-on shows the Marks and Num Packages fields in columns and gives more space to view larger items at one time.

Hide Disc Column in Printing if No Disc Given – This add-on lets the user to hide blank discount columns while printing invoices. i.e, No Discount column will be printed in case a user has not passed any discount in the transaction.

Enable Despatch details Update After invoicing –  With the help of this add-on, Despatch details can be update without altering the full invoice. Only Despatch Details will be allowed for alteration.


Enter Cheque Details in Vouchers – This feature gives separate fields for Cheque Number, Date of Cheque Date and Bank Name on Cheque. This module gives separate column of the same fields in bank Ledgers and Bank Reconciliation Statements. The same details can be printed in vouchers if required by the user.

Use Party Masters for Cheques – This feature allows a user to create masters of payee names to be displayed on Cheques. The pop up list will be displayed while passing a bank payment voucher.

Use Account Payee as option – This feature gives an option to a user to print Crossed Cheques OR un Crossed Cheques.

Use Masters of Banks – This feature allows a user to create the masters for the bank names on cheques. The Pop list will be displayed at the time of voucher entry.

RTGS Payment Letter – This feature automatically generates a letter to bank  for RTGS Fund Transfer to parties while passing  payment transaction voucher. This add-on allows user to set multiple Bank details for the party and it is available for selecting  during Entry.



Owner’s Dash Board- This Add-on display the complete business picture on one screen . This report shows financial and inventory information with the ability to drill down to various reports directly. This reports covers cash & Bank , Outstanding , Cash Flow , Sales & Purchase, stock, Capital & fixed Assets, Loans, Profit and Loss, top customers & Suppliers, Top products & Orders, Non slow and Moving Items , etc. Group companies are also.

Monthly Agewise Outstanding – This feature gives a report on monthly aging of pending bills.

Collection Ageing Analysis – This add-on generates Age-wise analysis report on payment collected. The report generated displays ageing for payments against bills. This add-on is helps analyse payment received from customers for better credit controls.

Bill Details in Group Outstanding Report – This feature explodes Bill Details in Group Outstanding Billwise Reports.

Sales & Collection Statement – This feature gives a report on Sales & collection done by Party Ledgers.

Despatch Register – This feature gives a sales invoices report contains all dispatch information entered at the time of invoice creation.

Free Quantity Report – This feature will give an report for the stock items supplied or received free of cost. This modules uses tally’s Actual & Billed Feature.

Stock Sales Register – This feature gives an item wise Sales register with party address and contact details.

Party Stock Item Report – This feature gives a sales matrix report containing all stock items and their quantities as columns and all parties as rows.

Item Wise Rate Analysis Report – This feature gives a Analysis Report on Stock Items Sales Rates.

Enhanced Bill Pending Reports – This feature enhances default tally’s Sales Bills to make report to take the filters on Stock Group, Stock item, Party Group, Party Ledger, etc.

Enhanced Order Reports – This feature enhances default tally’s Order Reports to make report to take the filters on Party Group, Party Ledgers, etc.

Cost Centre wise Item Movement Analysis – This feature gives a report on Cost Centre wise Stock Item Movement Analysis.

Ledger vs Cost Centre Analysis – This feature gives a matrix report containing all cost centres as columns and all group ledgers as rows.

Batch Details in Sales Register – This add-on will give the option to display batch details in sales & Purchase register.

Party Contact Details in sales Register – This add-on will give the option to  display Party contact details in sales & Purchase Register.

Despatch Details in Sales Register – This add-on will give the option to  display Despatch Details in sales & Purchase Register.

Show Order No. Column in Bill-Wise Reports – This add-on display order No. and order Date columns in Bill wise Report and reminder Letters.

Enable Ageing Report Bills to Be overdue – This Add-on gives a report to over come the above. You can instantly have outstanding to be overdue and you can set ageing days on your own.

Enable Stock Journal Summary – This add-on gives a summary report on stock journal transactions made by user. This report gives itwm wise total Quantity and Value consumed on the left side and produced on the right side of the report.

Enable Ledger Transaction Summary –   This add-on gives a summary report on stock journal transactions made by user. This report gives itwm wise total Quantity and Value consumed on the left side and produced on the right side of the report.

Opening Balance in sales and Purchase Register – This feature displays opening balance in Sales & Purchase Registers



Voucher Type Wise Printing Configuration – This feature allows a user to set different printing configuration for different voucher types. A user will be able to set Default Printers, Height, Width & Space settings, Print formats, etc.

Print Horizontal Lines  in reports – This feature prints  horizontal lines while printing reports.

Print User Name on Reports & Invoices – This feature is used for printing the User name in all the default Reports and Vouchers.

Print Date & Time on Reports & Invoices – This feature is used for printing the Date & Time in all the Reports and Vouchers.

Print Stock Journal as Challan – This feature allows a user to print the stock journal / stock transfer voucher in Challan / Delivery Note format. This feature also allows a user to enter dispatch details during entry.

Enable Auto print- With the help of this Add-on you can take print out on a single click and YES/No prompt screen will not appear. You can also set required voucher types needs to be automatically printed after saving.

Print BOM with Sales Order- With the help of this Add-on you can instantly print raw material requirement list while entering sales order for a finished goods stock item.